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The i-Series design emphasizes
simplicity. No specialized training is
required to operate an i-Series panel.
Intuitive lighting indicates the status of
keys for ease of use. Each key may
be programmed for talk, listen, or
The keys are built into either five
character alphanumeric display module
or a non-display module and serve as
the basic building blocks of an i-Series
intercom panel. A panel can accommodate from one to four key modules
which can be added or removed
as needed.
Function Keypad Module
The function keypad module offers
the user a number of extra features:
• Access to the shift page
• Local key assignment
• IFB source and destination
• Side tone adjustment
Aux-101 Module
The AUX-101 module gives the user
access to multiple audio sources,
multiple speakers, and headset inputs/
outputs when an auxiliary options
module is installed (i-1470E only). The
auxiliary options module also provides
you with two relays and two GPIs
(general purpose inputs) that can be
used either locally or system-wide.
Expansion Panel
The i-Series e-1410E expansion panel
is fitted with 4 display key modules
providing an extra 32 pushbuttons and
is connected back to the main panel
over a simple CAT5 connection.


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