Evertz CP-2024E Quartz Router Control Panel


Router Control Panel

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Features & Benefits
• Flexible feature or menu driven confi gurations providing quick and simple access
• Easily reconfi gured for regularly changing environments
• Each LCD display features a 32×24 dot matrix capable of supporting three rows of fi ve character text or a graphic
• Each LCD illumination can be red, green or yellow with a two level programmable intensity providing visual indication of the button status
• Fully programmable button operation
• Button-per-source selection with Page mode NEXT and Previous buttons can be assigned to select more sources
• LOCK or ENABLE buttons can be assigned to protect against unauthorized or accidental selection
• Buttons can be programmed for breakaways or to give a menu structure to the panel
• Camera joystick override on any eight inputs, with momentary or latching action
• Supports Qlink for legacy router control. Directly connects to most Evertz® routers for simple router control. Contact factory to ensure support
• Supports Ethernet for connection to MAGNUM Router Control system


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