Kramer VS-88A 8×8 Balanced Audio Matrix Switcher


8×8 Balanced Stereo Audio, RS-232/485, Rackmountable

Audio Distribution Amplifier

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The Comprehensive/Kramer VS-88A is a balanced stereo audio distribution amplifier. It features matrix capabilities, memory presets, and will match up to other switchers with video switching functionality. It is housed in a rugged metal case, and is meant for studio rack mount use.

High Quality Balanced Stereo Audio

At over 85 dB signal to noise ratio and two balanced audio channels per output, this unit passes a very clean stereo signal for critical applications.


Fifteen memory preset locations are provided for fast access to regularly used routing configurations.

Remote Capabilites

Remote operation can be accessed via RS-232 or RS-485.


This unit works stand-alone, or in combination with other Kramer digital and analog video switchers, such as the VS-88V.


This device was designed to fit into standard studio rack spaces.


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