Sonifex RB-DDA6A Redbox Digital Distribution Amplifier


Digital Distribution Amplifier

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The RB-DDA6A digital distribution amplifier is used for distributing digital audio data
in AES/EBU format, repeating both the audio data and the status information of the input
whilst re-normalising to standard digital audio levels.
It has a single XLR-3 female AES/EBU audio input which is distributed to 6 XLR-3 male AES/
EBU outputs.
Applications include distributing audio from a digital mixing desk to multiple digital
recorders, or feeding multiple studios with an output from a DAT machine.
It can accept input sample rates in the range of 30kHz – 100kHz, and bit rates of 16, 20 and
24 bit. So, it can be used for standard CD signal distribution at 16 bit 44.1kHz, as well as for
high quality 24 bit 96kHz recording.


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