Ultimatte ULTIMATTE-11 HD/SD Real-Time Blue/Green Screen Compositing


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The Ultimatte 11 HD/SD Real-Time Blue/Green Screen Compositing Device from Blackmagic Design combines hundreds of algorithmic changes to create convincing composites in real time. It is a hardware device that allows you to composite blue and green screen images with multiple layers in either SD or HD. Sporting four loop-through inputs and outputs, and internal 4:4:4:4 processing to protect image quality, the Ultimatte 11 hardware device is powerful and composites in real time. The unit auto detects and selects the format based on the signal fed to input #1, so you don’t have to worry about selecting the right signal from a menu, simplifying and speeding your workflow. One of the advantages of the Ultimatte 11 is in how it easily composites semi-transparent layers, which are normally difficult to composite properly. It is ideal for working with virtual sets, and can sample the foreground image, mapping its noise structure and applying that to the background layers creating a more natural and realistic looking composite. The matte control algorithms, and individual matte correction and sizing provides precision control over your elements. The unit also allows you to input two mattes from external sources.


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